About Us


IMEGH was founded in December of 2019 by a team of doctors & medical educators from Rwanda, the United States, and Canada with a vision to provide healthcare workers & institutions with access to the world’s best education, thereby improving healthcare worldwide.

Our learners have access to low-cost, online courses, allowing them the flexibility and independence to cover material that may take years to learn with traditional teaching methods. Many of our learners complete multiple courses in a matter of weeks and go on to share their knowledge through community training’s and social media.


Access – Education – Health

Our mission is to support health institutions in low-resource settings by providing access to high-quality, continuous professional development programs. 



  1. Conduct a needs assessment using the Addie model.

  2. Provide appropriate and relevant courses online.

  3. Support local experts to provide weekly, in-person training to learners .

  4. Evaluate teams and individuals monthly.

Our Impact

We are proud of the progress that IMEGH and our partner institutions have achieved. We welcome you to follow us on our journey and see our impact through blog posts as we train the next group of global health providers, innovators, and educators.